Oriental Rug Cleaning

At Dry-N-Clean area rug cleaning Suffolk and surrounding areas, we take pride in caring for your rugs, where we gently, yet thoroughly, hand clean Oriental rugs. Our certified area rug cleaning Portsmouth specialists treat each rug with special attention and the cleaning process is customized for each particular type of fiber. Our area rug cleaning Suffolk experts will pick your rug up and bring it to our special cleaning plant where it will receive our very thorough cleaning system to get maximum soil and spot removal. Having your rug cleaned in our plant allows us to give it several treatments for a more thorough cleaning, controlled drying, and the use of various tools that are not available on location. Your fine area rugs are cared for by experienced area rug Suffolk professionals. We regularly clean all types of cotton, wool, silk, nylon, and olefin rugs.

Here’s how we safely clean your rugs:

First, your rugs are thoroughly dusted to remove ALL the dry soil with our exclusive Rugbadger machine. The Rugbadger gently sends harmonic vibrations through the back of your rug. This loosens the dry soil and vibrates it from the backing.

Next, we’ll pre-test your rug. If your rug is wet cleanable, we shampoo and thoroughly rinse soils and odors out. If we determine your rug cannot be cleaned with water, it will be safely dry cleaned.

If your rug has odor problems, we soak the rug in a deodorization bath. The deodorizer is flushed out with gallons of water. Then the rug is shampooed to rinse the deodorizer and leave the rug soft, fluffy, and fresh.

oriental-rugDo you have several rugs that need cleaning? Or your rugs are too large to transport yourself? Call an area rug cleaning Portsmouth expert to pick-up your cherished rug. We offer full service pick-up and delivery.

You can trust DRY-N-CLEAN’s area rug cleaning Suffolk experience and reputation. Many of Norfolk’s finest carpet and rug dealers recommend our area rug cleaning Portsmouth services. We guarantee that your rugs are always safe at our cleaning studio.