Remodeling Your Home: When Should I Do It?

Remodeling Your Home: When Should I Do It?

Remodeling any part of your home can be an exciting time for a homeowner- however it can also prove to be a challenging task. There are many factors to consider during a remodel including decor and cost, but arguably the most important aspect is WHEN you should go through with it!

Surprisingly, the time of year you decide to have your remodeling take place can greatly effect how quickly it is able to be completed, as well as the overall cost. Through research on the topic, you’ll learn that there is no exact perfect time to remodel, but depending on what you’re having done you can choose one that is more ideal for the project at hand.

If you’re seeking to build an entirely new room onto your home, the winter months prove to be more hospitable in regards to pouring and laying down foundations versus the most humid and muddier months. Please note that if this is something that you’re interested in doing, to schedule with your builder for it to be covered before the wet season that follows. This way you’ll avoid a delay in your construction due to rainy days. You’re likely to save on building during this time of year as well, as most people wait until the springtime when it has warmed up and tax returns have come in.

Springtime (April – June) tends to be the busiest time of the building year. Tax refunds have arrived, the weather is warming up, and customers are generally in a better mood for new transformation. However, this is time of year for building will cost you. The law of supply and demand is in full practice here, all the way from your contractor’s schedule being packed all the way down to supplies being stretched due to the demand. If you’re considering doing outdoor renovations or additions, this season very well may be your best bet. Decks usually require a great deal of hand digging, so the soil will be most accommodating due to the warmth. Another perk of having your deck completed during the springtime is getting to use it during the summer and fall- there is nothing better than a backyard barbecue!

The summertime is reasonably the best time to take on indoor work when remodeling existing rooms such as the kitchen or the bathroom. Contractors will always look out for the well-being of their employees, which will create the perfect condition for temperatures being very high, and them calling and cancelling for the day. This can be avoided if everyone is working on a project indoors, in the comfort of the air conditioning. If you’re feeling like a construction site will cramp your style while the kids are at home for summer vacation, you could always use this as the perfect opportunity to get away!

Finally, the most dreaded season to do any kind of extensive remodeling or improving: the holiday season. This stretches from October to December, where there is literally one holiday after the next. This does mean that your contractor may have extra time on his schedule due to low booking, however shipping times are extended in these months, causing the process to go almost as slow. Remodeling any part of your home takes extensive time and planning, and sometime businesses who rely on work in those warmer months just might not have a schedule that can accommodate through the holidays.

So if you’ve been dreaming about that new modern kitchen or swanky spa bathroom, make sure to do your research! Read reviews on any business you plan on hiring, and talk to them one on one so you both can determine the best time of year to build onto your home, preparation is always key!


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