What ‘February’ Means to your Carpet

Spills can happen anytime, anyplace. Whether there’s one person in the house or ten, carpet stains are always a possibility. The best strategy is to continually clean up little bits at a time, or do a quick run-through with a vacuum once a week or month. But when your carpet suddenly acquires multiple stains at […]


Here is an example of the stellar job our specialists do while on the job- we get results!!! They work tirelessly with the skill you’ve come to expect from our brand!! We specialize in not only carpets but we also are professionals in the art of restoring tile and grout. Contact us today at 757.495.3626 […]

Red Stains? No Problem!!!


Red Stains on your carpet??? No worries! We got you covered! Red wine, Kool Aid, red wax, punch, red soda- we can handle it all!!

How Is Dry-N-Clean Carpet Cleaning Different From Everyone Else?

In the age of the internet, you may find yourself lost in a sea of various cleaners proclaiming to be the best in the area. You’ve gotten this far, so you may ask “What makes Dry-N-Clean Carpet Cleaning different from everyone else?”. Well, we are a family owned and operated cleaning service that has been […]

Remove Pet Stains & Odors from your Carpet

Pets are great for a variety of reasons – companionship, loyalty, soft & warm snuggle-buddies. But pets have their disadvantages too, often in the form of smelly, irregularly-shaped stains on the carpet. Allen’s Dry-N-Clean in VA Beach, Virginia can help!

Even with the most well-trained and house-broken pets, accidents happen. Then there’s the pet dander, allergens, dirt […]

Get Your Carpet Cleaned AFTER The Holidays

After all of the shopping, wrapping, hosting, cooking and eating of the holidays, you deserve some down-time. The last thing you want to do is get off your feet and clean up the hot cocoa or red wine stain left in your carpet by a long-gone relative. Such is the burden of hosting: your job is not over […]

Get Your Carpet Cleaned BEFORE The Holidays

Every year, the holidays seem to sneak up and surprise us. Get ahead this year by preparing your home for guests early. Let Allen’s Dry-N-Clean Carpet Cleaning in Virginia Beach ease your holiday burden this year by cleaning your carpet long before the in-laws arrive.

Everyone is familiar with the joy and warmth of the holiday […]

Carpet Cleaning Done Right

When your car has a transmission problem, you take it to a specialist. When you have the flu, you visit an Ear-Nose-Throat doctor. If your carpet is riddled with stains or due for an annual, Dry-N-Clean is the industry professional you can trust in Virginia Beach, Norfolk & Chesapeake.

We specialize in carpet and rug cleaning […]

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Norfolk VA

2015 New Years Carpet Cleaning of Professionals

New Years is here and with it comes joy, laughter, and carpet stains. Whether it’s a spilled drink such as juice or wine, over excited pets making a mess everywhere, or just general dirt from the higher traffic patterns, you are probably going to need to get your carpets cleaned. Here at Allen’s Dry-N-Clean Carpet […]

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