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Here are a few quotes from Google reviews:

“I recently house trained my puppy, and needless to say was in need of a deep cleaning to get rid of the smell to discourage the dog from using the carpet as a restroom in the future. Dry-n-clean really did an amazing job, I will definitely be using them for all my Virginia Beach carpet cleaning needs. Thanks guys!‎”

“Dry-n-clean has been my carpet cleaner of choice for over 8 years. Before then, I sifted through many different companies. No other company offers the exceptional service and quality that Dry-N-Clean offers. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone in the Hampton Roads area!‎”

“Dry-n-clean carpet cleaning service is the best the serving Norfolk, Virginia beach, Chesapeake, and Suffolk areas. I rate them higher than any other cleaning company out there! Thanks for such an outstanding service and we look forward to the next cleaning!‎”

“This family owned carpet cleaning business is TMF / IICRC Certified. Very trustworthy people and they use the safest chemicals! They use green presprays which are organic, employee’s are well dressed and groomed, well knowledgeable too! You can trust this carpet cleaning company to do a great job, if your not satisfied they will refund your money 100% guarantee!!‎”

“I have 2 dogs and a toddler, so I need my carpet cleaned regularly. Every other carpet cleaning company I’ve tried leaves my house smelling like wet dog and usually can’t completely eliminate stains. Allen’s does such a fantastic job, leaves my house smelling wonderful and the carpet looking like it was just installed. Many of my friends and family are now loyal customers to Allen’s. I will never attempt another carpet cleaning company again.”

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What is the DRY-N-CLEAN difference?

At DRY-N-CLEAN, we guarantee the best carpet cleaning EVER – or it’s FREE! That’s right – we stand behind our service 110% and make sure we get it done right, every time. Our employees are trained to the highest of regulations and our family-based service approach is dedicated to ensuring a quality job. Give us a call today! 757-495-3626


Termites cause millions of dollars of damage each year. Most of them enter the home in the spring. The first sign of a winged termite within the home is a solid indication that you will need an inspection. Mud tubes within the foundation and its adjoining properties are another sign that your home is at serious risk. This is a serious issue that requires the help of trained professionals. We at DRY-N-CLEAN are specialized in dealing with such damage and repair. Don’t hesitate to call us today! 757-495-3626


DRY-N-CLEAN has been providing professional service to Hampton Roads’ floors and fabrics since 1985. Rob Allen, the founder, has over 22  years of floor covering experience. We are known to solve the cleaning problems that no other company can. We fully guarantee it – that’s the DRY-N-CLEAN difference! Our staff is professionally trained to the highest of standards. We also care for such corporate clients as Depaul Hospitals, Remax Realtors, Realty Executives, and many other prominent businesses. However, no matter the size of the job, we want to extend our family-based service to you. If you need any of the leading household services in Hampton Roads, call us. If we can’t get it clean – no one can! 757-495-3626

Cleaning Your Carpet and Rug the Professional Way in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk VA

carpet-cleaningNo matter how habitual you vacuum and dust carpets on the top layer, there are still those microscopic organisms you won’t easily suck out. Through time, these pollutants will mass up, which can cause sickness in your household. This is why you need to deep clean your carpets yearly, to make sure those germs and bacteria trapped in will not inflict harm to members of your family.
However, thorough carpet cleaning isn’t exactly for regular Joes. Trained care and special tools are required to ensure that there’ll be no damage to your carpets afterwards. A reputable carpet cleaning Virginia Beach Company should be contracted for such job.

Cleaning the Carpet
Getting through the trapped dirt and grime in the carpet isn’t exactly possible without the use of specialized carpet cleaning equipment and products, and usually, pros use truck-mounted hot water extraction to cleanse the carpets thoroughly with the combination of environment-friendly cleaning agents, pressurized hot water, and rapid extraction to surely eradicate any pollutants in the material. Also, most carpet cleaning Virginia Beach companies use stains protection cleaner as a last step to prolong the pristine condition of the carpet.

However, if the hot water extraction system was used to cleanse the carpeting, it will naturally be left a little damp afterwards. Doing this method on your own is extremely tricky, since it is done as an exact science: overdoing it may cause mold and mildew growth which is even more dangerous to the health. Professional work, like that of carpet cleaning Virginia Beach can save you from this, by doing the method, your carpet will be completely dried out in under 12 hours or less if you need your carpet to dry quicker.

Also, with professional cleaners, you can be sure that they can get off those stubborn stains caused by spilled drinks, pets, or children, making it look like almost new again.

Cleaning the Rug
Rugs are extra delicate items, so taking care of them are also very hard to maintain and clean. They are vulnerable to color fade, dye transfer and damaged fibers. Oriental and Persian rugs are especially susceptible to this. Rug can also shrink if cleaned in inappropriate temperatures. The professional Virginia Beach Carpet Cleaning cleaners should be able to cope with these situations without causing damage of any kind.

With professionals your precious rugs and rooms should be back to mint condition in no time at all. Carpet cleaning and maintenance can become a satisfying task with the best preparations and research. Be sure for your rug’s future and leave the carpet cleaning to the professionals! Pet odor removal Virginia Beach