Carpet Cleaning

Why is carpet cleaning essential to your home's benefit? Ensuring that your home has a clean carpet adds to the overall decor of your home as well as maintains a neat presentation to your house guests. Carpet cleaning also rids your carpets of various dirt and dusts, both of which can trigger illness and allergies.


You may say you don't see dirt on the carpets, upholstery or mattress; however dirt gets imbedded into the fibers you can't see. Also dust mites can build help. Dust mites are the number 1 reason for allergies. Within 6 months these dust mites can release approx.250 million fecal droppings in your bed. So call [...]

Sensitive to Chemicals?

No worries~ we can use our many green cleaning products. We have organic and safe products available. We have been in business for over 23 years and our number one goal is safety; along with the best cleaning possible for your carpets and upholstery. We are aware of many people having allergies and we take [...]

Dust Mites in Carpets!

Did you know that millions of people suffer from allergies and asthma that is caused by dust mites. They live in your upholstery, pillows, mattress, soft toys, and carpets. Vacuuming throughly two times a week keeps them under control.  Dust mites feed on skin cells from humans, animals and skin cells we shed every day. [...]


Suffering from allergies? At least one out of 5 suffer from an allergie problem. The cause can be from food, grass, tree pollen, cats or dogs. Getting your carpets deep cleaned can help get the animal dander out; along with dust and pollen that comes from outside. We use safe green products. Getting your carpets [...]

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