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Here is an example of the stellar job our specialists do while on the job- we get results!!! They work tirelessly with the skill you've come to expect from our brand!! We specialize in not only carpets but we also are professionals in the art of restoring tile and grout. Contact us today at 757.495.3626 [...]

How to Find the Right Carpet Cleaning Virginia Beach Company for You

The term “Carpet Cleaning” is not an easily definable word. Some suggest it means to vacuum all visible dirt or simply wipe away any spills that occur, while others believe carpet cleaning requires heat and strong chemicals. However both answers would be understandably correct, let’s get down to the root of Carpet Cleaning to see [...]

Carpet Cleaning Services in Hampton Roads Virginia Best of the Beach!

Tired of letting your mate clean the carpets? Or your teenager using a broom to sweep the carpets? Thank goodness for the blessing of freedom of choice! Make the right choice, call Allen's Dry-N-Clean for the cleanest and a remarkable cleaning. You will be pleased and thrilled with the carpet and upholstery results.  Start now [...]

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