The Long and Short of Oriental Rugs!!


We clean all types of rugs at Dry-N-Clean, including Oriental rugs. However, you would be surprised at how many types of Oriental rugs are actually out there. First, there are Aubusson rugs- these originate from the villages of Aubusson and Felletin in central France- however they are produced now in China, India and Pakistan. They [...]

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Pet Urine Removal Requires Professionals


Pet Urine Removal Your pet is just like a member of your family, but your pet can be your carpet’s worst enemy. Pets can have accidents and those accidents are almost impossible to get rid of. The accidents get deep down into the carpet padding and no matter what a homeowner does, they just can’t [...]

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Why choose DRY-N-CLEAN?


We offer many services, such as carpet cleaning, pet odor removal, tile and grout cleaning and recoloring, furniture and leather cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and rug cleaning. We also offer rug cleaning and flood cleanup, wooden floor restoration, carpet repairs, pest control, and termite and moisture damage repair. We are also your leading RV, auto, [...]

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Floods – yikes!


Did you know that DRY-N-CLEAN offers 24/7 flood cleanup services? That's right - when a flood hits, we are on your side. We respond quickly with state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to remove the water. Drying your home and restoring it to a pre-flood condition is what we do best; we will have you back in [...]

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Any way you stack it – we are your tile cleaning experts!


Now that you know DRY-N-CLEAN offers total pest control, did you know we also offer TILE CLEANING? We are the leading expert in tile and grout cleaning in Hampton Roads and North Carolina. You'll fall in love with your tile all over again. Give your tile the DRY-N-CLEAN treatment! 757-495-3626

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Bees and wasps and hornets – oh my!


This summer is creating quite the "buzz"! The levels of bees and wasps are at an all-time high, causing many annoyances and health risks to those that run into these creatures on a daily basis. Did you know that DRY-N-CLEAN does pest control? That's right - Hampton Roads' leading carpet cleaning service also offers pest [...]

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New addition to our family!


We are pleased to announce our newest addition to the family - a brand new fully-modified carpet cleaning truck, the likes of which you have never seen before! What originally started as a show truck to travel with around the country to carpet cleaning conventions and other gatherings has become a hybrid. While aesthetically it [...]

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Carpet Cleaning in Hampton Roads ‘Stair Cleaning’


This is what a staircase looks like after it has been cleaned by DRY-N-CLEAN Carpet Cleaning. We currently serve all Hampton Roads and Tidewater for Carpet Cleaning, Water Damage, Tile and Grout and Pest Control.

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