Are the kids home from school, due from all the north-easter rain? Love having the kids home for the day; however hate those food and drink spills? Or is the rain causing a leak or water damage to your home? No worries call Allen's Dry-N-Clean Carpet Cleaning and we can take clean up those food [...]


Suffering from allergies? At least one out of 5 suffer from an allergie problem. The cause can be from food, grass, tree pollen, cats or dogs. Getting your carpets deep cleaned can help get the animal dander out; along with dust and pollen that comes from outside. We use safe green products. Getting your carpets [...]


Free bottle of go green with Dry-N-Clean spot cleaner. Get your carpets cleaned for the month of March and get a 10% discount along with a FREE bottle of spot cleaner. Clean up minor spots; such as juice, milk, food, soda, beer, sauce or just about any spills.

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