Ever spilled soda, wine, pickle juice, vinegar or any other odd liquids? If not cleaned up properly they can leave a spot or stain. Then after awhile you will notice a bad odor in the carpet, upholstery or air. We will be happy to assist you in cleaning your carpets, upholstery or car. Please call [...]

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Clean Up Juice & Milk spills from Children in Hampton Roads


It sure is hard to keep the kids from spilling  juice, milk or soda onto the carpets.   Having your carpets cleaned on a regular basis will help keep those spills from getting deep down into the padding; which can sometimes make the stain wick back up overtime.  After we clean your carpets, we leave you with [...]

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Free bottle of go green with Dry-N-Clean spot cleaner. Get your carpets cleaned for the month of March and get a 10% discount along with a FREE bottle of spot cleaner. Clean up minor spots; such as juice, milk, food, soda, beer, sauce or just about any spills.


Plant, bleach and kool aid stains


Can't get the plant, bleach, red wine, blood or kool aid stains out? Our company Dry-N-Clean has special solution products, and green product chemicals to treat for plant and kool aid stain and we may be able to dye your bleach stains on the carpet to make them look new again. We offer repair service [...]

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