Ever spilled soda, wine, pickle juice, vinegar or any other odd liquids? If not cleaned up properly they can leave a spot or stain. Then after awhile you will notice a bad odor in the carpet, upholstery or air. We will be happy to assist you in cleaning your carpets, upholstery or car. Please call [...]

SPILLS AND MUSTY ODORS2009-10-22T09:41:18-04:00

Pet odors


Having a problem with pets odors? Dry-N-Clean can help. Animal dander can build up overtime in the carpet fibers and the carpets need to be professionally cleaned. We use a high power truckmount system to get the animal dander up out of the carpets and use a green product deodorizer for pet odors. We also [...]

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February Specials for Carpet Cleaning


Use Allen's Dry-N-Clean Virginia Beach Carpet Cleaning & Virginia Beach Upholstery Cleaning for the highest quality of cleaning and treating those stubborn stains and odors. Spend $150.00 or more and get a FREE CHAIR Cleaning! Call now 1-757-495-3626

February Specials for Carpet Cleaning2009-06-28T12:20:23-04:00