Puppy Love


Love those puppies and kittens, but hate those urine spots left behind on your carpet or furniture? We are in your neighborhood and can take care of all your carpet and upholstery needs. Live in Virginia Beach, VA. Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth,Suffolk? 23451,23453,23454,23456,23455,23323,23320,23435 zip codes? Or just call us and we can help get those spots [...]

Puppy Love2009-11-05T09:46:25-04:00

Carpet Stretching


Over a period of time it is a good idea to have the carpets restreched. Due to much walking on the carpet and moving furniture around can cause pulling of the carpet. Having your carpets restretched will make your carpets more presentable and may prevent tripping over bumps or ripples in the carpet. Call for [...]

Carpet Stretching2018-01-24T12:24:21-04:00

Water Leak


Water leak from a toilet, toilet overflow, tub, sink, or hot water heater leak? We can clean up your problem. Dry-N-Clean can take care of the water extraction, tear out if needed, air movers and dehumidifiers used. Carpet cleaning and enzyme treatment. Deodorizing to make your carpets smell fresh again. Repair work to your toilet [...]

Water Leak2018-01-24T12:24:21-04:00