Are the kids home from school, due from all the north-easter rain? Love having the kids home for the day; however hate those food and drink spills? Or is the rain causing a leak or water damage to your home? No worries call Allen's Dry-N-Clean Carpet Cleaning and we can take clean up those food [...]

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Ever spilled soda, wine, pickle juice, vinegar or any other odd liquids? If not cleaned up properly they can leave a spot or stain. Then after awhile you will notice a bad odor in the carpet, upholstery or air. We will be happy to assist you in cleaning your carpets, upholstery or car. Please call [...]

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24 Hour Water Restoration Services


Problem with a water damage? We offer 24 hour emergency water extraction services. Are cleaning detergents are safe and we work quickly to help you get back to your normal living.

24 Hour Water Restoration Services2018-01-24T12:24:21-04:00

Water Leak


Water leak from a toilet, toilet overflow, tub, sink, or hot water heater leak? We can clean up your problem. Dry-N-Clean can take care of the water extraction, tear out if needed, air movers and dehumidifiers used. Carpet cleaning and enzyme treatment. Deodorizing to make your carpets smell fresh again. Repair work to your toilet [...]

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Sensitive To Chemicals?


Are you like many others are sensitive to chemicals? No worries with Allen's Dry-N-Clean carpet and upholstery cleaning company; we can use all green products. Our cleaning with Green products are safe. We deep clean and rinse throughly to get rid of the sand, dirt and grit. And your carpets dry fast! Call now for [...]

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