Not All Stains Are the Same

Not All Stains Are the Same Every stain is different. Not all stains are the same and every stain should be treated specially. You can’t use the same cleaner on every stain because if you did, then you are going to have stains on your carpet and furniture that won’t be removed. When hiring a [...]


How about one of your most expensive furnishings? Your carpet! Days and days of tracking in sand and dirt. We can get that deep down dirt out. Have pet spots-stains, we can help clean those up. Call 1-757-495-3636


Had a good time during the get togethers for dinner; however hate those stains, spills and filthy carpets? No worries call us today and we can make your carpets clean and fresh looking. Call for details Serving Hampton Roads 757-495-3626

Clean Up Juice & Milk spills from Children in Hampton Roads

It sure is hard to keep the kids from spilling  juice, milk or soda onto the carpets.   Having your carpets cleaned on a regular basis will help keep those spills from getting deep down into the padding; which can sometimes make the stain wick back up overtime.  After we clean your carpets, we leave you with [...]


Free bottle of go green with Dry-N-Clean spot cleaner. Get your carpets cleaned for the month of March and get a 10% discount along with a FREE bottle of spot cleaner. Clean up minor spots; such as juice, milk, food, soda, beer, sauce or just about any spills.

February Specials for Carpet Cleaning

Use Allen's Dry-N-Clean Virginia Beach Carpet Cleaning & Virginia Beach Upholstery Cleaning for the highest quality of cleaning and treating those stubborn stains and odors. Spend $150.00 or more and get a FREE CHAIR Cleaning! Call now 1-757-495-3626

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