Not All Stains Are the Same

Not All Stains Are the Same

Not All Stains Are the Same

Every stain is different. Not all stains are the same and every stain should be treated specially. You can’t use the same cleaner on every stain because if you did, then you are going to have stains on your carpet and furniture that won’t be removed. When hiring a professional furniture cleaning Virginia beach company, then the company should know and recognize stains without you telling them what the stains are.

Treat Accordingly:

Carpet and upholstery have different fibers. When you are dealing with stains and fibers, then to treat the stains correctly you must have the right type of chemicals. You can’t use a degreaser on Kool-Aid stain and expect the stain to be removed. It just won’t work. The best carpet cleaning company in virginia beach has the correct chemicals and stain remover to remove all stains and protect fibers in carpet and upholstery from retaining stains.

Most common stains in homes are grease, paint, pet urine, Kool-Aid, red wine and wax. Your grocery store cleaner won’t remove all these stains as each is different and difficult to remove. You wouldn’t try to treat a grease stain with the same treatment as red wine. These are two totally different ingredients that would need to be treated with precise care.

Carpet fiber and upholstery fibers can wear and break down if treated with the wrong cleaners. Nobody wants their carpet or furniture ruined because the technician used the wrong cleaner. This is the main reason carpet cleaning in Virginia Beach should be handled by a company that trains their technicians.


Trained technicians in spot removals have been through special classes designed on all spots and the exact treatment needed to remove the spots. There isn’t a spot that can’t be solved by true professional rug cleaners in virginia beach. These professional are trained, certified and ready to remove any spots and stains that are in your carpets, rugs and upholstery. They know and understand that all three of these items come with a different fiber that has to be treated specifically to remove the spot and stain, the leave the item free from damage and clean again.

This is something you wouldn’t let just anybody do. You wouldn’t go to second best doctor in Virginia Beach if you were sick. Wouldn’t you want the best doctor available? This is how you should think of your furniture and carpet. They deserve the best too. You have spent a lot of money on carpeting, rugs and furniture and one mistake on a stain can ruin your item without it being able to be repaired. I wouldn’t trust my carpet, furniture or rugs with the second best company, but only the best carpet cleaning company in Virginia beach.

If you have kids or pets, then you probably know all about stains. Pet urine stains are the hardest to get rid of as the urine can get into the padding and the wood, but the odor is almost impossible to remove unless you hire a specialist in this field.

For all your stains and spots, then only trust true specialists that have been called the best carpet cleaning Chesapeake VA has to offer.


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