The Worst Stains For Any Carpet (And Why You Need Help)

The Worst Stains For Any Carpet (And Why You Need Help)

With summer here, your carpets will be subject to heavier traffic. That means a greater chance of dirt and and other elements discoloring your floors, and it could be permanent if you let it go untreated for a long time. You may vacuum regularly to keep loose soil away – and that’s a good thing! However, there’s something about summer that tends to bring deeper stains to home carpeting, and without the professional service of a carpet cleaner you could be seeing those stains for years to come.

The warmest season of the year means the kids are home from school, relatives are coming to visit, and the family pets are more active with all the people in your house. Multiply the feet walking around your living room and bedrooms, and here’s what you can expect:

Wine and Juice

Before you break out that bottle of Merlot or pass around the grape juice to all the kids, think about the possible damage to your rugs. Dark juices and drinks leave noticeable stains, especially on light-colored fibers. Spot cleaners may help get the worst of the stain out, but it doesn’t guarantee a complete removal.

Call the professional Virginia Beach carpet cleaners of Allen’s Dry N Clean at 757-495-3626. We can remove even the darkest spots, so you and your family can continue to enjoy the beverages you love.

Sticky Residue

When it’s raining or too hot to go outside, your kids might enjoy playing with modeling dough, and other crafts with paint, duct tape or glue. Although it can look like everything is gone after cleanup, some craft materials leave behind a tacky residue that stays in your carpets and damages the pile. Before you go in search of home remedies, consider the damage that prolonged exposure might cause. For the most stubborn of these types of stains, steam cleaning is your best option.

Contact Dry N Clean if you’re concerned about long-lasting damage to your carpet due to stubborn residues. Our carpet cleaning technicians can troubleshoot and treat your most mysterious and creative craft messes. Call us today to schedule a house call.

Dander and Pet Stains

Cats and dogs are part of the family, but unlike the rest of us they can’t always clean up after themselves. Shed fur is easy to pick up with a vacuum, but what about deep, ingrained soiling from pet urine and dander? A simple run of the vacuum won’t get it all, and in time dried urine can lead to bacteria and an unhealthy environment for your family.

For peace of mind and clean carpets that add to the good health of your home environment, schedule a professional rug cleaning for your Virginia Beach home. With all the time spent outside during summer, and all the extra feet traversing your carpet, dirt and stains are inevitable. Contact the best professional carpet cleaners in Virginia Beach at Dry N Clean.


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