Myth: Busted

Myth: Busted

You’re here for a reason – you need your carpet cleaned. Well, we’re thrilled that you’ve come to us!

As you browse the internet, viewing sites for carpet cleaning businesses, chances are you’ve conjured tons of excuses and heard all kinds of myths about why not to hire a carpet cleaning company for your Virginia Beach or Chesapeake home. It’s understandable to hesitate before making a big decision regarding your household. But consider this; can your home continue to grow and thrive with filthy carpets and rugs? 

Your family, pets, and you yourself deserve better. Stop making excuses! Trust us, we’ve heard them all…

Myth #1: It costs too much.

Any home service requires payment, whether it’s to fix the plumbing or build an addition to the house. You may view carpet cleaning as a luxury, something only people with valuable antique oriental rugs have done, but in truth it’s more affordable than you realize.

Myth: BUSTED. Contact us about our stain removal and disinfecting services and we’ll give you an estimate that won’t break the bank.

Myth #2: My carpets and rugs aren’t THAT dirty.

Maybe your carpet doesn’t look any different than when you had it installed. Sure, color fades over time, but it doesn’t look like it needs anything more than a good vacuuming.

Looks can be deceiving. You may not see obvious stains, but over time bacteria, soil and mites get into the pile and stay there. Even if you vacuum regularly, it’s no guarantee you can completely disinfect your carpet.

Myth: BUSTED. Professional carpet cleaning not only removes ground-in dirt and germs, but it improves your home environment. You’ll walk with confidence, knowing your rugs are safe for your kids and pets.

Myth #3: I don’t have time.

We know your time is valuable, and you may think your schedule doesn’t align with ours. Our professional carpet cleaners can adjust to your timetable to ensure clean carpets in your Chesapeake, or Virginia Beach home whenever you have time. If your rugs and carpets fall victim to a hurricane or flood, we’ll come to you anytime – 24 hours a day – and help minimize damage.


Contact Dry N Clean anytime, and get the dirt and grime out of your carpets and rugs today. Our services will NOT break the bank, and we work with you to find a convenient time that works for you. Call us today!


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