Preventative Maintenance Helps When It Comes Time to Cleaning the House

Preventative Maintenance Helps When It Comes Time to Cleaning the House

It is more profitable to expend resources on preventative maintenance like regular vacuuming and touch-up spot removal than it is to hire an expensive company. Fortunately, there is DryNClean. We only charge fair prices, and we arrive at your home as close to the arranged time as possible. Mold spores are a danger to your health. The problem lies with mycotoxins. Once they enter the body, they can cause respiratory and other health problems. The best way to prevent the danger of bodily harm from this rather innocuous bacteria is to make sure your carpets stay dry and you keep windows open. For the preventative maintenance of wet carpets, and to provide for healthy air quality, DrynClean also wants to reiterate the “old-fashioned” rules of house etiquette. Taking off your shoes completely before entering is very helpful. Even making sure you and your family’s shoes are thoroughly wiped can be of help. When water spills onto a carpet, its remediation is often ignored or delayed because it doesn’t “leave a stain.” But make no mistake, drying the wet area will save you money in the long run, as well as lead to a healthier home for you and your family.

However hard we try, we’re not perfect. Maybe one day we accidently let the kid run into the juice on the table. Another cause of wet carpets is water damage, from a flood or a burst water pipe. When accidents like this happen, time is of the essence, because mold and other allergens can migrate to these moist spots and thrive, multiplying at ever-greater rates. When accidents like this happen, it’s time to call a proper and professional carpet cleaning company…Call Dry-N-Clean Carpet Cleaning. As you might have noticed from all of our positive reviews, we are not a company that shows up late or does lazy work. So please give us a call when you need our assistance. Thank you, and we look forward to being your carpet cleaner for your next cleaning job!


DryNClean has 25 years of experience. Have you ever hired a cleaning company only to find all the spots returned the next week? Or worse, did the company make more mess than they cleaned? 100% Satisfaction Guarantee At DRY-N-CLEAN we guarantee you’ll be happy. You won’t have to worry. (757) 495-3626


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