April Showers Bring May Flowers…And Wet Carpets!

April Showers Bring May Flowers…And Wet Carpets!

April Showers Bring May Flowers...And Wet Carpets!

April Showers Bring May Flowers…And Wet Carpets!

April is a notoriously wet month. According to the National Climate Data Center, last year we had “above average rainfall,” and I’ll be willing bet a lot of that rain poured down in April. Water is one of the biggest threats to carpet care and longevity, but more than likely you’ve only heard of water intrusion damaging carpeting during emergency cases such as a flood or a burst water pipe. Without proper care and planning, though, all that nasty April rain could be tracked into your home, causing wet carpets which soon lead to mold, mildew, and more. Or it could just as easily find a way in through a faulty seal in a window or a crack in the roof, for example.

In almost all cases, if lots of water has been introduced to the carpet, either by foot traffic or through leaks in window seals, etc., steps should be taken immediately to prevent further damage to the carpet, the first of which is to call a carpet cleaning company Chesapeake Va. We’ll discuss those steps in just a moment. But first, why is it so important to react quickly and efficiently to water in, on, or under the carpet?

Wet Carpets Are a Health Hazard

One thing that is sure to follow your carpet’s water intrusion, if not properly treated, is a mold and mildew infestation. Mold is a word that everyone knows and fears. The fungus can cause serious health problems to the homeowner and his or her family and pets, particularly through the inhalation of mold spores. Someone who has an allergy to mold or a low threshold for fungi in general will have a particularly rough, even fatal, time dealing with those mold or mildew spores. This kind of deep carpet cleaning Newport News Va can be accomplished using fans and blowers, among other things to deal with your wet carpets, discussed later.   April Showers Bring May Flowers...And Wet Carpets!

Calling in the Pros

Especially if there is a large amount of standing water, the homeowner will first react by panicking, counting up in his or her head the gigantic cost of the damages. In this time, it’s important to relax and realize there is a company out there who specializes in carpet water damage Virginia Beach, DrynClean. A friendly technician will walk you through basic procedures like not walking on the wet carpet until the company is able to arrive, which is almost always faster than you’d imagine.

DrynClean takes it from there, using proven water extraction methods and cleaning methods that are time-tested, to dry your wet carpets: 1) We use a wet/dry vacuum to get rid of as much water as possible. 2) A dehumidifier is brought in to prevent high levels of humidity, which fosters growth of fungi (mold,etc.). 3) The drying process is accelerated with the use of heavy-duty blower fans. 4) Next, the damaged carpet is further cleaned and deodorized by “steam cleaning.” Often, the padding underneath the carpeting must be replaced. 5) Finally, we begin to sanitize and dry the damaged walls, ceiling etc. to prevent mold growth in those places as well.



DrynClean is a family-owned carpet care business that has been in business for over 25 years. We have a reputation for punctuality, hard work, friendliness and fair prices. Call us now at (757)495-3626 and we will be happy to help you keep your carpets looking clean, attractive and smelling springtime-fresh! Our services areas include Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk, Newport News, Hampton, up into Williamsburg, and down to Elizabeth City and other part of North Carolina.


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