Holiday Cleaning


Holiday Cleaning The holidays are approaching and homeowners are wanting to have their home looking amazing for the holidays. Having your carpet cleaned is the first step to getting your home cleaned and sanitized for the holidays. This is a good time of year to have your carpets cleaned before you drag out all your [...]

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Oriental Rug Care


Oriental rug Care Oriental rugs are very expensive. This is one rug that you don’t want to take any chances with. Oriental rugs can often get a damage that most homeowners aren’t aware of. The damage that can occur to an oriental rug is moth damage. Homeowners can have the cleanest home in America, but [...]

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Not All Stains Are the Same


Not All Stains Are the Same Every stain is different. Not all stains are the same and every stain should be treated specially. You can’t use the same cleaner on every stain because if you did, then you are going to have stains on your carpet and furniture that won’t be removed. When hiring a [...]

Not All Stains Are the Same2013-12-19T17:56:09-04:00

Keeping Furniture Clean and Healthy


Keeping Furniture Clean and Healthy Most people don’t purchase living or family room furniture, but every seven or more years. The reason people don’t purchase furniture often is because it is quite costly. Nobody wants to spend three or four thousand dollars, then in a year or two later do it again. To keep your [...]

Keeping Furniture Clean and Healthy2013-12-18T20:16:12-04:00

Pet Urine Removal Requires Professionals


Pet Urine Removal Your pet is just like a member of your family, but your pet can be your carpet’s worst enemy. Pets can have accidents and those accidents are almost impossible to get rid of. The accidents get deep down into the carpet padding and no matter what a homeowner does, they just can’t [...]

Pet Urine Removal Requires Professionals2013-12-18T12:53:44-04:00

DRY-N-CLEAN Carpet Cleaning Receives 2013 Best of Virginia Beach Award


Virginia Beach Award Program Honors the Achievement VIRGINIA BEACH December 3, 2013 -- DRY-N-CLEAN Carpet Cleaning has been selected for the 2013 Best of Virginia Beach Award in the Carpeting Contractors category by the Virginia Beach Award Program. Each year, the Virginia Beach Award Program identifies carpet cleaning companies that we believe have achieved exceptional [...]

DRY-N-CLEAN Carpet Cleaning Receives 2013 Best of Virginia Beach Award2018-01-24T12:18:46-04:00

What Carpet Cleaning Method Is The Best?


Major carpet manufacturers, including Shaw Industries (the largest manufacturer of carpet in the world), recommend hot water extraction as the number one cleaning method. Hot water extraction is commonly known as "steam cleaning", and the process is done by applying a cleaning agent and using hot water in an extractor tool to remove the solution and [...]

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Are You Tired of Pet Odors in Your Home?


Have pet odors saturated your carpet and/or upholstery? You have found that no matter how many times you vacuum or spray fragrances, the pet odor always returns. Dry-N-Clean Carpet Cleaning will help you eliminate pet odor and stain problems with our pet odor removal Virginia Beach processes customized to your specific needs. Dry-N-Clean Carpet Cleaning [...]

Are You Tired of Pet Odors in Your Home?2013-07-25T09:00:45-04:00

What are people saying about DRY-N-CLEAN?


Here are a few quotes from Google reviews: "I recently house trained my puppy, and needless to say was in need of a deep cleaning to get rid of the smell to discourage the dog from using the carpet as a restroom in the future. Dry-n-clean really did an amazing job, I will definitely be using [...]

What are people saying about DRY-N-CLEAN?2018-01-24T12:18:47-04:00

What is the DRY-N-CLEAN difference?


At DRY-N-CLEAN, we guarantee the best carpet cleaning EVER - or it's FREE! That's right - we stand behind our service 110% and make sure we get it done right, every time. Our employees are trained to the highest of regulations and our family-based service approach is dedicated to ensuring a quality job. Give us [...]

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