Have pet odors saturated your carpet and/or upholstery? You have found that no matter how many times you vacuum or spray fragrances, the pet odor always returns. Dry-N-Clean Carpet Cleaning will help you eliminate pet odor and stain problems with our pet odor removal Virginia Beach processes customized to your specific needs. Dry-N-Clean Carpet Cleaning offers three levels of pet odor removal depending on the severity of the problem. We will use our custom-made urine treatment product on trouble areas and rake the fibers to spread and saturate the product to help neutralize any deeply embedded urine. We will then extract the product along with the bacteria and enzymes causing the odors. Once the cause of the pet odor is removed, we will deodorize along with truck-mounted cleaning of the area. No matter what the situation or level of soiling, Dry-N-Clean Carpet Cleaning Virginia Beach is your solution. Give us a call today at 757-495-3626 if pet odors have gotten out of control in your home.