Oriental Rug Care

Oriental Rug Care

Oriental rug Care

Oriental rugs are very expensive. This is one rug that you don’t want to take any chances with. Oriental rugs can often get a damage that most homeowners aren’t aware of. The damage that can occur to an oriental rug is moth damage. Homeowners can have the cleanest home in America, but moth damage can happen in these homes. Moth damage to oriental rugs occur quite often. When this occurs, then the only thing a homeowner can do is get professional advice from the rug cleaners in Virginia beach.

Moth Damage:

Homeowners don’t have to worry about moths eating their oriental rugs, but they do need to worry about moth eggs. A flying female moth can lay hundreds of eggs. The eggs will eventually hatch into larvae. Larvae is what will damage homeowner’s oriental rugs as they eat the wool in the oriental rugs. How can a homeowner not know they have female moths laying eggs? Flying female moths can build their nest and lay eggs in the oriental rugs that have no traffic, such as under furniture and where there is no traffic on the Oriental rug. This is because the homeowner doesn’t move the furniture out to vacuum occasionally and the flying female moths are left undisturbed laying their eggs that will eat the wool from the rug. The female moth infestation will not only stay on this rug, but they will spread to other rugs causing damage to other rugs as well.

Identifying Moth Damage:

How can a homeowner identify moth damage to their oriental rugs? The first thing to look for is any notice of the moths flying around your home. The female flying moth has small wings and flies very slow. The moth will fold and fall to the floor if the homeowner tries to catch it. To identify the flying female moths on your oriental rugs, then look for a bare spot in the rug. Usually, a flying female moth prefers one color of yarn over another and this may be the first clue. Broken or loose plies can be noticed in the Oriental rug. This is from the larvae chewing through the yarn. Another huge way to identify the female larvae is actually seeing them on the rug. They look like a white worm. They are close to 3/8 inches in length. This is the stage before they have created and constructed a cocoon.

Oriental rug Cleaning:

If you have the signs of female flying moths, then you need to contact a professional carpet cleaner Virginia Beach has to offer. You don’t want just anyone cleaning your oriental rug. The best carpet cleaning company in Virginia Beach is the only professional to call. They will come out and inspect the Oriental rug and give the homeowner a full and detailed plan on ending the moth problem and damage. Oriental rugs are very expensive and should only be trusted by rug cleaners in Virginia beach who specialize in these problems and conditions.


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