How to Maintain Your Carpet Between Professional Cleanings

How to Maintain Your Carpet Between Professional Cleanings

virginia-beach-carpet-cleaning-maintenanceWe at Dry-N-Clean Carpet Cleaning understand that maintaining the level of debris and allergens trapped in your carpet between Virginia Beach professional cleaning is of serious concern to you. A clean carpet means a healthier home, and our main recommendation is to frequently vacuum, especially in high traffic areas and if you have pets.

The general rule of thumb is to vacuum at least three to five times a week, doing several passes with your vacuum cleaner on each section of carpet. Also, change the disposable bag or empty out the canister often while you vacuum to make sure your machine is at top performance. Carpet Manufacturers recommend professional carpet cleaning Virginia Beach at least every six to eighteen months, so be sure to give Allen’s Dry-N-Clean Carpet Cleaning a call 757-495-3626 when you need to schedule a cleaning.


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