What ‘February’ Means to your Carpet

What ‘February’ Means to your Carpet

Carpet Stains from Food and Beer

Don’t let fear of stains stop you from enjoying the big game

Beer, Wine, and Food Stains Can Happen During A Party or Romantic Evening

Spills can happen anytime, anyplace. Whether there’s one person in the house or ten, carpet stains are always a possibility. The best strategy is to continually clean up little bits at a time, or do a quick run-through with a vacuum once a week or month. But when your carpet suddenly acquires multiple stains at one time, then it may be time to call in a professional. There are a range of events occurring in February that make it an especially brutal time of year for your carpet. That’s why at Allen’s Dry & Clean in Va Beach, we take carpet cleaning very seriously.

The Longest Holiday:
The holidays have just recently ended and some belated house guests might still be in the mix, or maybe it takes a couple of tries to get the hang of that new blender. That’s okay – we can clear that right up, so that you’d never know it happened.

Love Is Messy:
Valentine’s Day is coming up and you’ve got big plans. A romantic evening in, with red wine by the fire and…whoops. There goes the wine, and the carpet. Don’t let a little spilled red ruin your special night. Impress your partner by shrugging it off, and call Allen’s Dry & Clean in the morning to get rid of red wine stains.

Go for the Goal:
Superbowl 50 is right around the corner! Start calling your friends, picking up salsas, chips, dips and six packs. When that first beer hits the carpet you won’t even wince, knowing that Dry & Clean is here for you. Don’t sweat it when that salsa-covered chip falls onto the couch next and smile as someone accidentally sits on it, grinding it into the fibers. We can take care of that, too with our upholstery cleaning and some of the best carpet cleaning in Virginia Beach.

The holidays are about having fun and spending time with loved ones. Don’t let a few spills ruin your month. Call Dry & Clean in VA Beach today for a cleaner carpet tomorrow.


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